Fruit Pickers & Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering with OFRE, please click on the tab that says “Become a member”. As of OFRE is now a registered non-profit society and is offering memberships to all who are interested in supporting OFRE and volunteering with us. Perks of become a member include:

  • Getting to go on fruit picks (as many as you are able to)
  • Becoming a neighborhood fruit captain (get to organize your own picks in your neighborhood)
  • Support OFRE, which in addition to hosting fruit pickings around the city, also offers educational opportunities for the public, such as canning classes, cider workshops, and is working on building a community orchard in the heart of our city!
  • Attend & vote at our annual AGM (next one will be April 2014)


12 responses to “Fruit Pickers & Volunteers

  1. ofredmonton

    Hi Andrea, thanks for your interest. click on the fruit picker form on our website and follow the link to the online form.


  2. I would like to receive the form for fruit pickers. TY

  3. Hi there, thanks for your interest. OFRE has finished picking for the season, but we will definitely keep you in mind for next year. did you fill out the fruit grower or volunteer form?

  4. Hi ! I’ve just filled out the form ! I’m very glad to find about OFRE !

  5. Hi there, sorry you are having trouble with the form. Can you try clicking on the link again?
    Thanks, amy

  6. I’m interested to volunteer as a picker and cook, but I don’t get any form when I click on the “fruit pickers and volunteers” link.

  7. sounds great. we are always in need of pickers, so that’s great. thanks for your interest in OFRE.

  8. Eileen White

    I am completing this form for you. I am interested in helping to pick fruit, etc. Thanks

  9. Hi Anita, that’s great. Please fill out our fruit pickers form, and we will add you to our fruit pickers list.

  10. Anita Gregoire

    I would like to receive the pickers info.

  11. Yes, this is the form for fruit pickers. Thank you for your interest in OFRE

  12. Is this the form to complete for my interest in fruit picking? Thanks

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